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2 cool cats - Frank & Misty

This site is dedicated to our wonderful pet cats, we hope you enjoy reading about them

All about Frank

The cool black cat

Date of Birth: 13th July, 2001 - 7.30 a.m.
Mother: Misty
Father: Fluff (we think)
Brothers: 1 Ginger tom
Sisters: 2 Tabby

Franks Favorite Food: Dry Biscuits
Favorite Drink: Milk
Favorite Sleeping Place: Anyone's Bed
Favorite Pastime: Sleeping and being very cool


Full Name: Misty Wisty Woo
Date of Birth: 18th November, 1999
Favorite colour: Purple
Favorite Food: Any - as long as it is no more than five minutes old and in a spotlessly clean bowl.
Favorite Sleeping place: Any item of clothing left lying around - failing that a newly changed bed. Definitely not a lovely soft cat bed, blanket or pet cushion.
Favorite pass time: Playing at 'Fly By" - Misty's own special "Feed me now or let me out" dance. Involves running past her servant and standing at the door as if to say "Let me out" but when the door is opened she runs back and stands at her bowl. The fun part of this game is repeating this back and forth until new food is served then take a sniff and run back to the door and ask to go out. Great Fun