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Cats in vacation

If you want to spend your vacation in Paris, you should not let your fluffy pet home alone. You can travel with your cat and have a great time with your furry ball in France’s Capital City. There are many hotels and venues that are pet-friendly and a local guide will give you all the information required. Meet a sophisticated escort Paris from and she will show you the best places you can visit with your cat!

Wander around Paris’ tourist attractions with your cat

The City of Lights is mostly pet-friendly, especially if your fluffy friend is well behaved. French dog owners believe that their pet can go anywhere and do anything as long as the quadruped is silent, cute and clean. Go vintage shopping with your cute cat in its bag, check out the foundation Louis Vuitton, explore Les Passages Couvert and venture the Pere-Lachaise celebrity cemetery to see where the remains of Oscar Wilde, Chopin and Balzac rest.

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If you want to take a lunch break in a stylish venue, head to Le Café des Chats in Marais neighbourhood. But keep in mind you must reserve three days in advance if you want to savour here an organic tea or relish with the tasty treats. The purring cats surrounding you are just comforting and you and your appealing escort Paris will sure recharge your batteries before moving to other tourist attractions.

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Not all the parks in Paris will allow you to walk your pet on the alleys. But in the north end of Tuileries, in Champ de Mars, Park Montsouris, Buttes Chaumont Park and the south end of the Luxembourg Gardens can be explored by pets as well, especially if they will be on leash or their case. But if you wish to explore tourist hotspots where pets are not allowed, you can let your cat at a pet-sitting organization and they will take good care of your friend when you will be with your gorgeous escort Paris, exploring the hidden treasures within this vibrant city.

Almost half of the hotels in Paris are pet-friendly. From no-star to the Palace hotels, you and your fluffy friend can stay overnight under the same roof. Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, Saint James Paris – Relais et Chateau, Hotel Da Vinci and Hotel Luxembourg Parc are only some of the pet-friendly hotels where you can check-in with your cat and your escort girl Paris. Explore the capital of France with your cat and spend the perfect vacation discovering the charms within this city!